About My Business

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 23 years.  I decided
to begin a career in massage therapy after receiving my first
massage which was a gift to me from a doctor that I worked for.  I
felt so wonderful after, that I began doing research on the benefits
of massage and was so intrigued that I went to school to become a
licensed massage therapist.   

I have also worked part-time as an Emergency Medical Technician
for several years while building my massage therapy business. I  
believe that my other medical training assist me in understanding
my clients medical background and how massage therapy can
benefit each person individually.  

Massage therapy as evolved over the years. It is now recognized by
many insurance companies and doctors as a medical treatment.  I
will work with you and your doctor when medically necessary with
a prescription for reimbursement.    

I believe everyone can benefit in some way from massage therapy.
Whether it be for stress, chronic conditions or an injury.

I practice massage therapy independently.  Appointments need to
be scheduled as my office hours vary according to my clients
scheduling needs.

" Massage Therapy for a Healthier Life."

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Patty Whiting, LMT

You owe it to yourself.
Patty Whiting, LMT
Patty Whiting LMT
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